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Download version 0.1.2

Script author — Dmitriy Babich <dima@babychstudio.com>

Columnizer has been developed where we encountered the development of several sites at once using the column layout. The solution through CSS turned to be partial that’s why we had to apply for software updates. After searching and experimenting with several columnizers we decided to write our own one as the versions found did not fully satisfy the needs and were far from being perfect.


Columnizer by Dmytro Babych Studio

Columnizer is a software script which is written in Javascript splitting HTML-layout in columns (separate DIV blocks). As for today not all the browsers support automatic splitting in columns by using CSS, the script we have developed solves this problem practically for all actually available browser versions.

Columnizer does not use jQuery for work that considerably reduces the total volume of files as required for HTML-page download.

Columnizer connection

To connect Columnizer to your page you should download it (download Columnizer) and decompress a ZIP-file.

The Columnizer starting is performed as follows:


document.getElementById('from') is an element which should be splitted in columns
params is an object with the parameters of splitting in columns

Columnizer parameters

width — width of a column in pixels
height — height of a column in pixels
col_class — class of the style written for columns
cols_block_obj is an object containing the column flow to manage in function done_func
done_func is a function which will start after splitting in columns
target is a block where the columns are registered after splitting

Example of Columnizer starting

    width: 320,
    height: 380,
    done_func: function() {
        alert('Columnization complete!');
    target: document.getElementById('to')

Here you can see an example of Columnizer starting.

Columnizer is distributed by Dmitriy Babych Studio free of charge. On using Columnizer the signature of the author in the source file of the software code Javascript should be kept. Dmitriy Babich Studio is not liable for any eventual consequences or damage caused to anybody by using our Columnizer without our initiative.

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E-mail: dima@babychstudio.com